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a sci-fi anthology from Solstice Universe 


A collection of short stories for readers who love Science Fiction.

Solstice Publishing is proud to celebrate the beginning of our exciting journey into the world of Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction. Solstice Universe already boasts a number of talented SciFi authors as seen in this our premiere anthology –Project 9.

Why did we call this Project 9? Included in this anthology are eight stories by eight incredibly talented SciFi authors. But what of the ninth? The ninth is what could be, like speculative fiction, it is whatever we want it to be. So, in a sense, the ninth story is being written as you read this. It is an ongoing project as limitless as the Universe itself. 

We hope you enjoy this collection of Science fiction stories and find your next favorite author, or perhaps, the inspiration for a story of your own. 

Until next time, 
Mel Massey

EIC Solstice Universe

Author of the Earth’s Magick series 

Feature Interview on Writing in the Modern Age


I have the honor and pleasure of being the feature interview this week on Marie Lavender's Writing in the Modern Age. The interview can be found at


I hope you enjoy the interveiw and don't forget to leave a comment.


Part One of a Romantic Novella


Elizabeth returned to Jamaica only after the tragic death of her beloved Jeffery, with whom she shared a love greater than life itself. Devastated and alone, she thought she would never feel that way about a man again; and she took comfort and solace in the family and friends of her home. What happened next however would threaten to rip her family apart; and she didn’t care. She found a new romance, a new love so deep that not even societies forbidden rules could keep her from Rodney – her sister’s fiancé.


Jamaican Heat is a story of hope, loss, love and dreams. It is a romance that some will find scandalous while others will crave more. It is the beginning of a romance that will impact everyone. This novella is the first part to a longer story and the tragic circumstances of life, and what Human emotions can endure.


Where Right and Glory Lead


As humanity moved out amount the stars, we were humbled by how small we really are when considered against the grander of the universe. Yet for all the wonders humanity has encountered, there are those who insist that it is their right to greed and power.


Only one group stands in the path of these bent on the complete destruction of Earth and its government – the men and women of the Terrain Armed Forces.

Heather Brassard and her fellow troopers struggle with issues around life, death, fear, love and greed as they fight for survival.

When a pirate fleet terrorizes the merchant shipping lanes, Heather and her Platoon soon get sent into the mix, only to find out there is more to the pirates than meets the eye. No pirate is that well armoured and none should have fleet weapons of mass destruction. 

Excerpt from Jamaican Heat:

Lying on my back, I stared up at the ceiling fan turning slowly, quietly. The Shutters on the window were closed but for a light breeze that blew across my legs and face. My smile grew into a grin, but I wasn’t sure why. It’s just a silly dream after all and didn't mean anything. Just a dream I kept telling myself. A dream I'm beginning to believe could be real. ​



Excerpt from Death's Door: Where Right and Glory Lead:

“Where are they now?” asked Captain Lahaie. Her plot not yet updated with the new data. Damn it, where did the bastards come from? she asked herself. “Power up my engines and get me online, people,” she ordered, a tinge of frustration beginning to show.


“Tactical now online, captain,” said Petty Officer Altman. “I’m sending the feed to your plot now, sir. New targets—one point eight million kilometers and closing.”


Three ships of unknown type had somehow snuck in the back door and surprised the battle group. Lahaie sat staring at the red icons on the screen. She was not a happy camper and she needed to know how and why this happened. She did not want to be the one at the receiving end of the battle group commander’s wrath for dropping the ball. Someone was asleep at the switch, she thought.


“Sound general quarters,” she commanded. “Tie me into the command net.”


“General quarters, aye,” repeated Sub-Lieutenant Carl Vachon, the deck officer on watch.


“We’re being painted—missile launch! Impact in ten minutes!” came the startled and excited report from Altman.